one big cosmic joke

Orgasms end. Good lines stay forever.

1 August 1983
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This is me:

  • born in 1983

  • used to write HP fic in German, am now writing BSG fic in English

  • go on the occasional foray into other fandoms, like Buffy, X-Men: Movieverse and Chuck

  • fandoms I read also include Highlander, ER, Torchwood and Stargate: Atlantis

  • one thing I like a lot in fic is when a character's dark past is revealed

  • I also like things going boom, and robots being shot

  • nothing wrong with porn though

  • one thing I strongly dislike in fic is sex as a way of solving a problem

  • my private entries are locked and my fic is unlocked for organizational purposes

  • I'm a holocaust researcher, a lesbian, a feminist, and I rarely ever ship. If any of that rubs you the wrong way, please stay, so I can make fun of your existence mercilessly.

I'm not exactly a private person or I wouldn't be here, so friend away. I might friend you back.

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