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Hot Dog/Gaeta


one big cosmic joke

Orgasms end. Good lines stay forever.

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My BSG fic on LJ
Hot Dog/Gaeta
If you're here the first time, hello! Feel free to have a look around. I hope there's something on this list for you.

Edited to add: COME VISIT MY NEW WEBSITE: www.patricia-penn.com

I'm not here anymore but I am now there, posting original fiction, usually for free. I would love for you to come over and follow me there!

The new and improved disclaimer on warnings: When I think something could trouble readers, I always point it out in the headers of the fic. No mention means no need for warnings. On general principle though, my fic is rather tame.

Jump To:
Gen Featuring Gaeta
Other Gen
Fic That's More Complicated Than That
The Really Obscure

* = has been recced

Gen Featuring Gaeta

* "Fade Away": Sharon relishes the way she can make Gaeta flinch. Athena, Gaeta, Helo. ~3000 words, teen. This is a remix of "Limn" by rebelliousrose.

* "A Matter of Perspective": Gaeta and Dee drown their sorrows after Baltar's trial. Gen with some Gaeta/Hoshi, ~1400 words, teen, webisode spoilers.

BSG/James Bond ficlet: Born out of discussions about "Face of the Enemy", this is a crossover with BSG, James Bond and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, a movie I haven't actually seen. ~650 words, Crack!fic, Gaeta & M. Spoilers for "Face of the Enemy", teen.

* "Wings": Sometimes, in a situation like this, you have to help each other out. ~500 words, Tyrol & Gaeta, "Flight of the Phoenix", teen.

"To See The Stars": Gaeta gets mail. ~550 words. OC, Gaeta & Helo, mentions of Gaeta/Hoshi, futurefic, written after watching "The Oath", teen.

"The One Where Felix Gaeta Went To New Caprica To Get A Notebook But Ended Up Creating A Monster": See title for summary. This is just some all-out crack, co-written with millari when there was a little too much wine and far too much silliness. Helo, Gaeta, Baltar, ~1000 words, teen, no spoilers.

"A Tough Choice": In a world where Adama didn't survive the Fall, Gaius Baltar is accused of a crime he didn't commit. Co-written with millari. Baltar, Gaeta, Head!Six, ~2000 words, teen, no spoilers.

"Home": Felix Gaeta wakes up on a street of a foreign planet. He has a vague recollection of who he is, no idea how he got there, and there’s a woman following him around who he is pretty sure has tried to kill him once. Gaeta, Starbuck, Apollo, Athena, Boomer, Narcho, Cavil. Mostly gen with some Gaeta/Hoshi. WIP.
Part 1 - Part 2

"Message In A Bottle": Severus Snape receives a message from the future. It’s about Kara Thrace falling out of the sky. It's not about Felix Gaeta charming a jump drive, though God knows Tonks wishes it was. Crossover with Harry Potter. Snape, Tonks, Gaeta, Starbuck, amongst others. ~4500 words, teen, spoilers all the way up on both accounts.

"Chuck vs. The Cylon Attack (Or: Three Snapshots of an Occupation)": The Occupation would have gone just a little differently if Team Bartowski had been on New Caprica to help. Crossover with Chuck. Some talk of Chuck/Sarah. Chuck, Gaeta, Casey, Sarah, Cavil, New Caprican Resistance. ~1100 words, teen, BSG spoilers all the way up, vague Chuck S4 spoilers.

Good Faith: "Ships don't run on bloody Chinese takeout, you know." Crossover with Torchwood. Owen, Jack, Gaeta, Dee, Cottle, teen.

"Heaven And Earth, Horatio": "Ancient immortal floating in space." Duncan chuckled. "Your stories never fail to entertain." Crossover with Highlander the Series. Methos, Duncan, Gaeta. ~1000 words, teen.

"Like A Bird Without Wings": The day the Admiral forbade Lt. Gaeta to star in any more porn movies was a day of great sadness in the Fleet. Gaeta/everybody, ~600 words, adult. Crack.

Drabbles & Ficlets:

"The Crazy Scientist" (~250 words, Gaeta, Baltar, teen, S1) -- "Officer of the Watch" (drabble, teen, slight s4.7 spoilers) -- "Justice" (~300 words, Helo, Gaeta, teen, "Crossroads") -- "Words" (~330 words, Tyrol, Gaeta, teen, post "Collaborators") -- "Misconceptions" (~270 words, Gaeta, Helo, adult, S3) -- "Treasures" (~350 words, Athena, Gaeta, Hera, teen, post "Rapture") -- "Beyond Doubt" (drabble, teen, New Caprica) -- "Glimpse" (drabble, Gaeta & Eight, teen, New Caprica) -- "Air Rage" (drabble, Gaeta & Baltar, teen, post New Caprica) -- "Lost Along The Way" (~500 words, Gaeta & Tigh, teen, S4) -- "Because It's My Birthday" (~340 words, Gaeta & Helo, teen, S1)

Other Gen

* "Stakes": It seems that the Cylons blew up all the porn in the attacks. ~1200 words, Chuckles, others, S1, teen.
A German rewrite of this fic is here: "Schlechte Karten".
And here's a slashy sequel: "Dualla's Daily Dose Of Gossip": Chuckles' porn has improved. Dee investigates. ~900 words, Dee, Gaeta, Gaeta/m, Chuckles/m, s1, teen.

* "How The Viper Jock Met The Choirboy (And It Didn't End In Tears)": "He'd hate her with a passion, he could tell." Tyrol & Starbuck friendship, no spoilers, ~1100 words, teen. Mentions of Tyrol/Boomer.

* "Tools of God": Everybody is a tool to Six. Head!Six, Athena, Baltar, Gina, ~1700 words, teen, set post "Resurrection Ship". This is a remix of "Eighteen Hours Later" by nicole_anell

* "Five Things Cavil Cherished About Killing Shelley Godfrey": Galactica reminds Cavil of the basestar he grew up on, especially when he's about to murder a Six. Cavil, Shelley Godfrey, Ellen Tigh. ~2000 words, adult. This is a remix of "Fidelity" by grey_sw.

Ficlet: "So this was what it was like to meet the in-laws." A snippet from an AU where Helo and Sharon run into a Cylon trap. Supposed to be set at the beginning of S3. Helo, some Cylons. No spoilers, ~500 words, adult for violence.

"Semantics": Twelve-year-old Gaius Baltar mixes business with pleasure. ~300 words, backstory spoilers for late s3, teen.

"The Honey Trap": "She did it! She wrote the code when I couldn't!" Crossover with Chuck. Baltar & Team Bartowski, ~650 words, teen.

Fifteen Helo Drabbles: Fifteen drabbles about Helo's life before the Fall, written for bsg_100 and reposted in chronological order. These are mostly pre-mini, gen, teen. Featuring Helo, Kara, Boomer, Gaeta and Athena, one-sided Helo/Gaeta, one-sided Helo/Boomer and Helo/OFC.

Drabbles & Ficlets:

BSG/Harry Potter drabble (ensemble, set after "Revelations," teen) -- "Holodecks" (Racetrack, Skulls, BSG/Star Trek crossover, drabble, teen) -- "Quiet Your Mind, Change Your Life" (Leoben, drabble, teen) -- Dexterity (Ellen Tigh, Lee Adama, drabble, teen) -- Late-night Disclosure (Hot Dog & pilots, drabble, teen)


"Keeping Count": About to go on her date with Lee in “Sometimes A Great Notion”, Dee runs into Noel Allison, and everything changes. ~4000 words, Dee, Narcho, Lee, Billy, Pegasus Crew, Dee/Narcho, NC-17 for discussion of suicide and sex.

"Blind Men's Bluffs": It's Colonial Day, and everybody is trying to be somebody new. ~1400 words, Kara, Lee, Baltar, Boomer, Athena & various others, Kara/Lee, Ellen/Saul, teen. This is a remix of First Bluff by kag523.

Drabbles & Ficlets:

"Private Lessons" (~300 words, Gaeta/Kat, S1, adult) -- * "Recapitulation" (~230 words, Gaeta/Dee, post "Guess What's Coming To Dinner", teen) -- "Another Life" (drabble, Gaeta/Dee, picture challenge, AU, teen) -- "A Night's Rest" (drabble, Kara/Lee/Zak, after watching "Daybreak Pt. 1", adult) -- "This Side of Right, Some Day" (~620 words, Lee & Gaeta, Kara/Lee, teen)


"Off Duty In A Time Of War": Dee realized then and there that getting drunk had been a great idea. Drabble, Dee/D'Anna, S2, adult, for the prompt "D'Anna/anybody female."

"A Face Not Her Own (The Perpetrators, Victims and Bystanders Remix)": Helena had seen it coming, of course. 900 words, Cain/Gina, Hoshi/Fisk, teen but with a big warning for rape. This is a remix of "The Power In Hate" by lls_mutant.


* "Lilacs": Few people knew that Brendan Costanza had been filthy rich before the exodus. ~1000 words, Hot Dog/Gaeta, S1, teen.

* "How to live and love as an amputee, by Brendan Costanza": Felix is rather surprised when Hot Dog shows up at his bedside, bearing gifts. A story about living, loving and frakking (without any actual frakking) in the lives of Felix Gaeta and Brendan Costanza. Also, there's a war on. Gaeta/Hot Dog, spoilers up to 4.10, AU afterwards. Friendship & slash, teen. ~13000 words. Please mind that there's some discussion of suicide.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Missing Scene: "With Crime Comes Punishment": Helo and Brendan talk about Felix, teen, ~2500 words.
* Missing Scene: "Don't": Brendan doesn't need any porn. Written for the prompt Hot Dog/Gaeta, "porn" in the bsg_pornbattle, ~900 words, adult.
Drabble: "Hindsight": Some time after "How to live and love," sex happens. The prompt was "Hot Dog/Gaeta, first time topping," adult.
Future Fic: "Hit Or Miss": Roughly a year after the end of HTLAL, Brendan almost dies. The prompt was "Hot Dog/Gaeta, inappropriately timed, semi-public thank gods you're alive sex." 600 words, adult.
Prompt Ficlet: "Couldn't Ask For More": Helo wants to know why Hot Dog called in sick. Dee, Helo. ~280 words, teen.
(here's the story tag)

"Dualla's Daily Dose Of Gossip": Chuckles' porn has improved. Dee investigates. ~900 words, Dee, Gaeta, Gaeta/m, Chuckles/m, s1, teen.

* "Military Issue": Felix isn't happy with the current porn fad. He decides to do something about it. Written for the prompt Gaeta, "porn" in the bsg_pornbattle, ~650 words, adult, slightly cracky.

"Those Days Without Rain": Felix only ever runs into the Caprican when Jake isn't around. Crossover with Harry Potter. Gaeta/Sirius, Gaeta/Eight, ~2000 words, teen, mind the warnings.

Drabbles & Ficlets:

"A Helping Hand" (~300 words, Gaeta/Helo, pre-mini, teen) -- "Parting of Ways" (~370 words, Gaeta/Helo, Gaeta/Baltar, Gaeta, Helo, S2, teen) -- "The Law Of Attraction" (~370 words, Gaeta/Baltar, Baltar, Gaeta, Head!Six, S1, teen) -- * "Conditional Perfect" (~550 words, some Gaeta/Baltar, Gaeta, teen) -- "Crescendo" (~350 words, Gaeta/Baltar, Gaeta, Baltar, Head!Six, prompt words "God loves you" & "crescendo", adult) -- "Need" (drabble, Gaeta/Baltar, Baltar, D'Anna, Gaeta, S3, adult, prompt "Gaeta/Baltar, four-poster bed, forgiveness") -- "Lab Protocol" (drabble, Gaeta/Baltar, adult, prompt "Gaeta/Baltar" and "We can't frak in here") -- * "Aftermath" (drabble, Gaeta/Billy, adult, winner of the 2nd bsg_kink drabble contest in the slash category, prompt was the pairing) -- "Just Swearwords" (~ 300 words, Gaeta/Hot Dog, adult, prompt "pegging and dirty talk in a foreign language")

Gen/Het/Slash/"It's complicated"

* "Back to Earth": The Cylons find the fleet just when all high-ranking personnel is off ship. Galactica's b-team has to execute a rescue mission but Gaeta is depressed, Helo feels guilty, something's going on with Sharon, and everybody knows the plan is suicide anyway. Gaeta/Helo, Sharon/Helo, Gaeta, Helo, Sharon, also featuring Dee, Zarek, Anders, Hot Dog, a bunch of Cylons and others. Mostly gen, PG-13, spoilers up to 4.10 "Revelations". ~20000 words.
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8
(here's the story tag)

* "Becoming A Parent In Seven Swift Steps": Tory Foster dies. Her children need fathers. Crack!fic. Tory/Gaeta, Hoshi/Gaeta, Hoshi, Gaeta, Cottle. Teen, spoilers for "Face of the Enemy" and "A Disquiet Follows My Soul." ~850 words.
* "Happily Ever After": Felix is promoted. The kids get suspicious. Sequel to "Becoming A Parent..." ~300 words, Felix, Louis, OC, teen. Still crack!fic.

"One Room Over": It's Bacchanalia on Galactica, but some people still aren't getting any. Dualla, Athena, Anders, Hot Dog, Gaeta, Hoshi, talk of Apollo. Some Gaeta/Hoshi, mentions of various other pairings. ~3400 words, teen. This is a remix of "Handjobs for the Holidays" by kappamaki33.

Drabbles & Ficlets:

* "Scientific Interest" (~300 words, Baltar/Six, Baltar/Gaeta, Baltar, Six, S1, adult) -- "Command" (drabble, Lee/Dee/Gaeta, Lee, adult, prompt was the pairing) -- "All The Different Needs" (drabble, Caprica/Baltar, Caprica/D'Anna, teen, for the prompt "D'Anna/anybody female") -- "No Borderlines Between Us" (~300 words, Gaeta, Gaeta/Helo/Athena, S3, adult)

Cracky RPF (yeah well, you know how I said "I tend to make exceptions for everything I claim I'll never write at some point"?)

His Way: Alessandro Juliani is visited by a hallucination of James Callis. He's rather mystified by that. Written for the prompt Alessandro Juliani/Head!James Callis, "that can't be you" & "what the hell" in the bsg_pornbattle, ~1000 words, teen.


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Yay, fic list *saves to memories*

Sorry I haven't checked out your Gaeta/Hotdog fics yet. The ship doesn't really float my boat, but I might check those fics out anyway if I have time.

Looking forward to more 'Back to Earth'.

I'd been wondering if you'd read the Gaeta/Hot Dog. You should. They're the best I've written so far, I think. :) But, no pressure. :D

The next chapter for "Back to Earth" should be online soon. It's being beta'd right now. I hope to finish the rest of it this week.

Ooooh, I highly recommend reading it, especially on a day you want something non-fluffy but happy. You don't have to be into Gaeta/Hot Dog to read it- it's one of those types of pieces that starts off with the characters exactly as we know them, and then develops the relationship naturally and gracefully. And it's almost more about Felix's recovery and Hot Dog's role in it- as much as a friend as anything else- than it is about any sort of romance. DEFINITELY worth reading if you get the chance.

trovia is right- it's one of the best she's written so far.

Okay, I'll give it a read! Maybe later tonight. I'm into Felix recovery stories. There are just certain Gaeta pairings that don't work for me and I avoid; mostly Gaeta/Dee and Gaeta/Kara. For some reason I can't really picture Gaeta with any of the Viper pilots. I think he's more of a Raptor pilots man.

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