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Hot Dog/Gaeta


one big cosmic joke

Orgasms end. Good lines stay forever.

New Blog! Come visit? :-)
kaylee shiny

Okay, guys, hello! Wow, it's been a while. 

So it's been a little while since I migrated from LJ to Tumblr, what with LJ dying a slow death, but I've missed you all something awful. Now I'm moving on from Tumblr to a Wordpress blog and I would love for y'all to come and say hi and ideally, stay. Seriously. A lot of you were there for me in an absolutely awful time, and saying that running this blog and meeting you saved my life is actually an understatement. Never mind I met my wonderful girlfriend millari of  seven (or eight?) years here and sure, that relationship is over now, but that doesn't mean that's not one of the highlights of my history. 

Anyway. I launched a website on www.patricia-penn.com including a blog, and the plan is to publish original fiction there, usually lesbian fiction, some fantasy, some romance, some hard-plot-driven adventure stuff. I just started it up with story number one, a lesbian urban fantasy short story formerly published in an anthology. 

So I would love it if you followed me there, because yay readers, but also, like I said, I miss you. 

I will now proceed to tag a lot of you because I know a lot of you are not here anymore and I hope you'll get a notification. 

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