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Hot Dog/Gaeta


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computer help?
Londo Mollari & Vir
Can any of you by chance help me with a pretty involved computer problem?

Somebody once wrote a software for me to use on Windows XP and I'm running it on Windows 7. It works fine, but I know for a fact that it should be generating a txt document that gets saved in the "users" folder. I need that document and I can't find it. It's driving me crazy. It's not in the users folder. (but it must be somewhere because otherwise the software wouldn't be able to remember what I did with it the last time I opened it) It doesn't show up in the results if I search the computer for it, although I think I told it successfully to show me all hidden data. Any idea how I can find the frigging file? There has to be a... a log of all activity on the computer, somewhere. This document has to be somewhere. Argh, I hate Windows 7.

ETA: Hah. I found it. I can be such a genius. In case anybody cares, which I doubt, there's a free software called Process31Monitor that will indeed tell you everything that happens on your computer. EVERYTHING. It's a scary software.

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I was gonna be like, sounds like it's in a hidden folder, you can get that unhidden. But I'm glad you found it! :D

Yeah, it was in a hidden folder in a hidden folder. :p Why it doesn't show up in my search results, I still have no clue.

What an odd problem. Where did you end up finding it?

In the (hidden) folder Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\ :p

I mean kudos to Win7 to be able to redirect it there and still keep the software intact, but seriously.

Perfect icon choice!

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